Program Profile

PROGRAM PROFILE: Geer Dial-a-Ride Program

The Geer Dial-a-Ride program provides transportation to non-emergency medical appointments, shopping and day-to-day errands for individuals who have no other means of transportation. This service is provided to the towns of Salisbury, Canaan, North Canaan, Sharon and Cornwall. Door-to-door service is provided utilizing Geer’s handi-capped accessible vehicles. A smaller mini-van is also available if the need is suitable. Operational hours are Monday through Friday providing 80+ hours of transportation per week. Hours are flexible depending on the passenger’s needs.

The Geer Dial-a-Ride implements a unique program titled “Just One Call”.  If a community member calls the Dial-a-Ride at 860-824-7067, he/she would inform our scheduler of the approximate date/time they would like to see their physician. Our Scheduler makes the requested appointment and combines the needed transportation. A call is returned to the community member with the date and time of their scheduled appointment and of the time Geer’s vehicle will arrive at their doorstep.  In 2015, the program provided over 6600 rides!

 In 2004, The Foundation for Community Health (FCH) became a funder of the Geer Dial-a-Ride program identifying transportation as a major barrier to access services in the area. Funding was and is used to enhance the existing Geer transportation program with expanded hours of door-to-door operation, along with a dispatcher to organize appointments.  The resulting increase in ridership underscored the significant need for such services. 

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