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Our focus Areas

It takes many strategies to address the living conditions affecting health, well-being, and equity. We aim to use our resources strategically and equitably, allocating more of our resources towards parts of our community that have the most need.
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We work so that all aspects of our community support the conditions required for health, well-being, and equity. While we utilize a broad range of strategies to meet our mission, there are some initiatives and activities that the foundation does not fund.

We fund

  • Organizations or initiatives consistent with the mission, vision, values, and funding priorities of the foundation
  • Organizations or fiscally sponsored projects with IRS 501(c)3 tax exempt status
  • State and municipal agencies

We do not fund

  • Organizations or projects that do not benefit residents in our geographic area
  • Individuals, Endowments, Private Foundations, Service Clubs or Membership Organizations
  • Fundraising events, including direct mail campaigns
  • Debt retirement, operating deficits, or after-the-fact support
  • Programs by faith-based institutions that have a spiritual and/or theological component
  • Organizations or projects that unlawfully discriminate with regard to employees, volunteers, delivery of programs or services, or clients served based on age, sex, religion/creed, race, color, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, marital status, military or veterans’ status, pregnancy, genetic information or any other basis

Photo of Cornwall, Connecticut one of 17 towns served by FCH.

Photo by Lazlo.

Current opportunities

Information about current grant programs, upcoming deadlines, and more.
Grant opportunities
Staff of Brooker Memorial review a report together.

Staff of Brooker Memorial. Brooker is a long-standing grantee partner of FCH, through their School-Based Oral Health Program which serves several school districts in Litchfield County.

Photo by Anne Day.

How to apply

We receive applications through our online grantee portal. Check out our resources to learn how to create an account, apply, and more.
Grantee Portal Guide

Explore past grants

Learn more about our grantee partners and work happening throughout our region.

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