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We measure our effectiveness as a trust-based funder through an annual Grantee Perception Survey to understand how our grantee partners perceive our processes and approach to partnership. We regularly identify and share how we’re looking to improve and where we’re making changes.  

Grantee Perception Survey

2022 Survey Findings


In 2022 the Foundation for Community Health (FCH) partnered with Karen Horsch, an external evaluator, to gather feedback from the foundation’s 2021 grantee partners. Twenty-four individuals completed the online survey, for a 73% response rate overall. This response rate was lower than our 2021 survey, but the pool of participants was also smaller, as the 2021 survey included grantee partners from 2019 and 2020.


As in 2021, our grantee partners reported a positive view of FCH, results indicate that FCH is perceived as an excellent partner, with respective and supportive processes, helpful non-grant support, and valuable communication.

Over 75% of FCH’s grantee partners find the proposal and report development process to be ‘very easy’. Newer grantee partners and those with smaller grants were more likely to report difficulty with proposals and grant reporting.

About half of FCH’s grantee partners are seeking FCH support with DEI initiatives, the greatest need identified by survey respondents was related to organizational policies, board composition, and methods to incorporate community feedback in organizational practices and policies.

FCH’s grantees expressed more interest in the foundation taking on a state level advocacy role.


Increase Support for Newer Grantee Partners

Results from this year’s survey speak to the need of FCH to increase its support for newer grantee partners, especially organizations that are smaller or have smaller grants from the foundation. We see the most opportunities for this work with the foundation’s Capacity Building Grant Program and plan to integrate new features of this program with this aim in mind.

Develop Initiatives that support nonprofits’ Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Needs

In last year’s survey only a handful of grantee partners shared that they were seeking support related to their organization’s DEI competency. This year, nearly 50% reported this as an area they are seeking support from FCH. As an area aligned with the foundation’s strategic framework, we are eager to develop initiatives that support this important organizational work. We’re especially interested in supporting organizational learning that is rooted in feedback and input from constituents.

Explore a Role for FCH in Statewide Advocacy Efforts

For two years now, a majority of our grantee partners have indicated their interest in FCH engaging in statewide advocacy efforts. While we were unable to make significant progress towards this aim in 2022, there are several meaningful steps we hope to complete in 2023, including conversations with grantee partners to develop specific advocacy aims and internal processes to account for these efforts.