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Why we evaluate our work

We evaluate to be accountable to the region we serve, learn with the organizations we partner with, and to determine if our strategies to improve health, well-being, and equity are working. Understanding our impact and being open to improvement helps us be a better partner, funder, and community leader.

How we evaluate our work

At FCH, we center the experiences, expertise, and goals of the nonprofits we partner with. This looks like:

using grant check-ins in lieu of a written report

developing reporting metrics in partnership with our grantee partners

surveying our grantee partners to learn more about the effectiveness of the foundation

accepting reports created for other stakeholders

Through grant check-ins and reports developed by our grantee partners, we look for indicators related to the following outcomes:

  • Increased capacity in the organizations and collaboratives we support
  • Nonprofits are better able to anticipate, prepare for, respond, and adapt to incremental or sudden change
  • More networks, coalitions, and collaborative efforts further their engagement efforts, as evidenced by increased bi-directional collaboration
  • Community health information is used more frequently to guide local decision-making
  • More decision-makers within our community think of the impact of health and engage with constituents closer to the issue

We also track key metrics that we believe the work of our grantee partners and activities of the foundation can be attributed to.

Learning alongside our partners

More information about our metrics, can be found in the foundation’s Learning & Results Summary. We invite you to learn more about what we’re looking to see change in our community, as defined and identified by our grantee partners.