Program Profile

PROGRAM PROFILE: Impact of FCH Prescription Assistance Program on Kent, CT Social Services

The Foundation for Community Health (FCH) has been very instrumental in assisting many Kent families through the Prescription Assistance Program. Recently, a Client, who is a local resident and insulin dependent diabetic, requested short-term assistance to help pay the cost of his insulin.

Though he was covered by Medicare, he had reached a period in time where his prescription co-pay had increased beyond what he was able to pay. This prescription drug gap is referred to as “the doughnut hole”.  This means that after you and your drug plan have spent a certain amount of money for covered drugs, you have to pay all costs out-of-pocket for your prescriptions until you reach your yearly limit and return to full coverage.

This Client's copay for his insulin had tripled in cost leaving him unable to purchase this necessary medication. After completing an application and meeting the income guidelines, he received assistance from FCH. Once the yearly monetary limit was reached, he returned to full coverage again. The FCH Prescription Drug Assistance Program was there to help bridge this gap in coverage.