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GRANTEE PROFILE: North East Community Center

The North East Community Center started in the late 1980s as a group of concerned citizens seeking to address pressing human service needs in Millerton, a tiny village in rural Dutchess County. Its earliest programs, a volunteer transportation service for senior citizens called Care Car, and activities for at-risk teens, have continued for over 25 years, and in that time NECC has grown to become the go-to organization for the northeastern part of the County.  NECC’s Millerton Farmers Market, now in its tenth year, is a centerpiece of the village, and has spawned a range of food security programs including a Fresh Food pantry serving four towns, including a research project funded by the Foundation for Community Health.  With support and guidance from the Foundation, the Care Car led to the creation of a Dial A Ride bus service, and the programs for teens now include year round paid jobs and training for 36 teens. NECC provides after-school and summer enrichment for 80 students at Webutuck, and in 2016 is launching a home help service for seniors.  Its all-day music festival, Spring for Sound, is a highlight of the year in Millerton, attracting over 1,000 people of all ages.

But a list of programs-- there are many more-- doesn’t do justice to the vital role NECC plays in the community.  NECC’s executive director Jenny Hansell says, “Fundamentally, we connect people - to each other, to help in a crisis, to care and kindness for their families. We connect people to opportunity, to the chance to grow stronger and learn and build the lives they want.”  

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