Past Grants


Approximately 95% of the funds will be used to purchase food at area grocery stores to supplement what is available from the CT Food Bank.

To provide door-to-door transportation for non-emergency medical appointments for those in need (particularly for the elderly and the disabled) in order to increase access to health-related services as well as social and shopping opportunities for residents.

The North East Community Center seeks to build a healthy, caring, responsive and welcoming community for all who live and visit here.

COVID-19 Support for Added Expenses Funding to be used for general operating support for staffing, supplies and equipment/space, which will likely support the critical crisis program, the food and supply pantry. 

Support for non perishable foodstuffs for the food pantry associated with the Tiny Library.

FCH Prescription Assistance Fund administration and funding distribution that covers the cost of prescription medication, co-pays of prescriptions, and Medicare Part D Premium coverage, etc., for the residents of northwester Litchfield County, CT.

Membership support

Establishes a "bank" of funds/expertise for eligible FCH grantees to draw upon for critical risk and crisis communication services including email marketing, social media marketing, advertising and content development.

Funding supports Health Pathfinder Community Assister program that works one on one with residents to enroll in affordable health insurance.  Additionally, they advocate for residents with medications, Medicare, Medicaid and billing issues.

Matching funding to secure a Rehabilitation Counselor position to increase access to mental health services in Northwest, CT during increased need from the COVID-19 emergency.