Past Grants


Continue to fund schoolbased preventative dental program and educational presentations for students K-8.

Disparities in accessing behaviorial healthcare in the Covid-19 era.

Funding for the Northwest Corner Prevention Network - year 5. The network continues its work to on strategies to to address and prevent substance use and misuse among the area's youth.

Funding for a medical educational event covering behavioral healthcare in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic in seminar format for healthcare professionals.

Funding to develop a consumer accessible network of behavioral health resources in Litchfield County and across CT.  The Network Coordinator will identify assets and gaps in services, facilitate connections in the provider community and enhance overall service systems.

COVID-19 Technical Assistance for FCH Grantees is a time bank for technical assistance to grantees as they recover from COVID-19 effects.

Approximately 95% of the funds will be used to purchase food at area grocery stores to supplement what is available from the CT Food Bank.

COVID-19 Support for Added Expenses Funding to be used for general operating support for staffing, supplies and equipment/space, which will likely support the critical crisis program, the food and supply pantry. 

Support for non perishable foodstuffs for the food pantry associated with the Tiny Library.

FCH Prescription Assistance Fund administration and funding distribution that covers the cost of prescription medication, co-pays of prescriptions, and Medicare Part D Premium coverage, etc., for the residents of northwester Litchfield County, CT.


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