Program Profile

PROGRAM PROFILE: Webutuck Central School District School-Based Health Center

SBHC Floor Plan drawing: Mark T. Johnson, AIA, LEED AP, CPL Architecture, Engineering and Design

Webutuck Central School District (WCSD) is a rural agricultural community located in the northeast corner of Dutchess County, NY.  Employment opportunities are limited and result in 60% of the student population being classified as economically disadvantaged. It is well-established that accessing immediate, high-quality healthcare can be a taxing experience for many individuals.  This can be especially challenging for families with school-age children and magnified for households that are underserved and underinsured. Lack of access to primary healthcare can have negative implications for student health, but also has a negative impact on classroom performance, social behavior, and the successful transitioning to adulthood.

WCSD is committed to seeking new ways to enhance the success of our students’ educational outcomes and experiences.  As such, WCSD has collaborated with Open Door Family Medical Centers to establish a School-Based Health Center (SBHC) in the district.  The expediency of this project is a direct result of the extraordinary generosity of the Foundation for Community Health (FCH).  As the recipient of a $100K grant from FCH, the WCSD/OD SBHC will be the first of its kind in the Mid-Hudson/Harlem Valley.  The SBHC will provide students immediate access to high-quality physical, mental, and dental primary care with no out-of-pocket expenses. Through the SBHC, both FCH’s vision and WCSD’s mission to address the health and well-being of the greater Harlem Valley will occur. The WCSD/OD SBHC has a targeted opening date of September 2021.  For more information, go to: Health Services / School-Based Health Clinic (

Listen to Charles Davis, School Nurse at the Webutuck Central School District, talk about the upcoming school-based health center and the Foundation for Community Health with Marshall Miles on Robin Hood Radio.