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Northwest CT Learns from the Covid-19 Pandemic - Study

Last fall, NW Cares partnered with experienced researchers to collect information from a diverse group of local agencies and organizations serving Northwest CT about how the community responded to COVID-19 related challenges.  

 We are pleased to provide the attached final report and executive summary of the recently completed study, Learning from COVID-19, which focused on Northwest CT.  The goal is to use the recommendations from the study to help to strengthen and guide us to be better prepared for unforeseen emergencies in the future.  

Please read the full reports shown below.

 We would really appreciate your help by providing your opinion on the recommendations made as a result of the study. The following link will connect you with a brief questionnaire:


 PDF icon NorthwestCares Final Report

PDF icon NorthwestCares Executive Summary

This project is funded by the CT State Office of Rural Health in partnership with the Foundation for Community Health, Northwest Hills Council of Governments, Geer Village Senior Community, NW Cares and Northwest Connecticut Community Foundation.