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What is ABClatino SALUD…

Beginning in 2018, ABClatino developed a special program, ABClatino SALUD (Hablemos de Salud/ Let´s Talk Health) a bilingual multimedia program that focuses on health-related topics.  In 2018, 2019 and 2020, we developed a robust virtual library where the community can find bilingual information in the format that they  prefer: audio, video, interactive articles, on the web, radio, TV and print.

Some issues of Let’s Talk Health

Sharing information at a Kinship Circle’s meeting

Every year, we focused the attention in providing the most updated information, working hand in hand with regional providers, organizations, specialists, and the community itself. We visited the rural areas in the Eastern Dutchess County region to listen to people’s needs and concerns, we built a strong relationship with the local organizations, and we delivered valuable information, participated in many community events and encouraged women and children to participate in our activities.

The grant received from the Foundation for Community Health and their ongoing assistance was pivotal in the creation and dissemination of this much needed health resource.

For more information write to or call 845.790.5004.
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Early in 2020, ABClatino turned most of its attention to the Coronavirus pandemic in order to provide the Latino community in Northeast Dutchess County with timely information and resources. With funds from the Foundation for Community Health    and the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation, ABClatino created a special digital & multimedia library with important information about Covid-19 in Spanish.   This library has  eight special newsletters and various radio interviews with health specialists and professionals, life stories, resources, and video classes to promote wellness at home.


Let’s Talk Health Bulletins

ABClatino Health Fair

Community Outreach

Community Outreach