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Grantee Profile: Housatonic Youth Service Bureau

The Housatonic Youth Service Bureau (HYSB) is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the six communities of Region One.  Our mission is to strengthen the emotional health of youth and families by providing free behavioral health services and empowerment programs in partnership with our public schools, local organizations, donors, and volunteers in the northwest corner of Connecticut.

HYSB provides services in the form of individual and group counseling, support groups, enrichment programs, high school and collegiate internships, and through our Juvenile Review Board (JRB).  The JRB is a juvenile court diversion program for first time misdemeanor offenders or students struggling with truancy or other related issues.  The program provides additional supports to students and their families and follows a restorative justice model.

 All of our counseling staff are licensed social workers who work in concert with the Region One schools to provide clinical services during school hours, this critical partnership eliminates barriers by bringing engaging programs directly to students.  Additional counseling sessions are offered at our offices in Falls Village, CT or remotely via tele-health style sessions.

HYSB Private Counseling Room

 HYSB provides our services at NO CHARGE to our clients, making it possible for us to serve the mental health needs of young people regardless of their ability to pay.   In many cases, HYSB is the first provider to offer clinical level intervention for both children and their families.  Our services are designed to be delivered quickly, at no-cost, and with the option to provide ongoing case management and referral services.  We are the only service provider to offer this for northwest corner residents.

 Funding for our work is generously provided through private donors, fundraising events, state and municipal appropriations, and through grants.  The Foundation for Community Health has generously supported HYSB’s efforts over the years with financial support, but also serving as a liaison for our partners, with technical support and guidance, and a support system among the non-profit community.

HYSB Office

All photos courtesy of Housatonic Youth Services Bureau

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