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Grantee Profile: ABClatino

What is ABClatino…

ABClatino media network is a nonprofit organization that delivers relevant, important, updated, and bilingual information to our Latino community. We use the variety of communications channels that are available nowadays; Radio, TV, online  Magazine, online and printed newsletters, podcast, social media, and e-blasts to reach this diverse audience.

We focus our magazine and social media content on 4 main topics: Latino America (Patria Grande), Traveling (Mundo Nómada), Health (Hablemos de Salud) and Myths & Legends.

We provide information about immigration and resources available for the community through our weekly radio show and we have a multimedia library with TV shows and Podcasts about health and culture.

ABClatino recording.

ABClatino also offers a community room on Main Street Poughkeepsie (356 Main Street) where we share resources, information and promote the Latino culture through art, dance, and music.

 For more information visit, write to or call us at 845-790-5004.

Photos by:  ABClatino media


Listen to the 9/1/21 recorded interview of Rob Lunski, President of ABClatino, as he talks about his agency and the Foundation for Community Health with Marshall Miles on Robin Hood Radio.