Past Grants


The Community Prevention and Care Project:  To support rebuilding of community education programs targeting youth substance abusers and social service providers.

HealthCare Forum:  Supporting a December 06 forum entitled: Health Care for All.

Funded a pilot health video project entitled:  A Tu Salud

Parenting Skills Program:  To conduct parenting skills workshops with parents of very young children using the Parents as Teacher curriculum in collaboration with a New York based day care facility.

I'm Just a Superhero:  To develop, conduct and evaluate a school-wide anti-bullying program.


Mobile Crisis Services:  To fund mental health mobile crisis, screening and outreach services for children and families in Northeastern Dutchess County.

Ancram/Copake Community Shuttle:  To fund a weekly transportation service for the elderly and the disabled living in Ancram and Copake.

To fund FCH Pharmaceutical Assistance Fund.

To fund FCH Pharmaceutical Assistance Fund.

Capacity Building:  For capacity building efforts which include updating policies and procedures (e.g. Performance Improvement Plan), integrating these with new technology and working toward a successful organization reaccredidation process.