Past Grants


To fund FCH Pharmaceutical Assistance Fund.

Nonprofit Business Analysis:  To support the cost of a nonprofit business analysis to help them understand how financial history and business structure can inform future plans and decisions, which will aid in their implementation of a new strategic planning process in 2005.

Enhance the Provision of Mobile Emergency Services:  To fund capital purchases and supplies for each of the 18 volunteer ambulance/EMS squads operating in the NY and CT towns served by FCH, to enhance the provision of mobile emergency services. 

Capacity Building:  To fund the hire of a consultant to assist the Institute in centralizing and maintaining the agency database, developing systems for better coordination of education and training services, facilitating communication with and between squads, and executing the... Learn More

Transportation Services:  To expand access to transportation services in Northwestern, CT, specifically by expanding the hours of operation of the center’s “dial-a-ride” service.

Transportation Services:  To facilitate the refurbishment and operational costs of a gift of a wheel-chair accessible bus from Sharon Health Center, for residents of Amenia, NY.

To fund FCH Pharmaceutical Assistance Fund.