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FCH Rx Assistance Fund

FCH Rx Assistance Fund available at Sharon Pharmacy. Photo: Miriam Jones

Sharon Social Service Agent Thanks FCH

I wanted to take a moment and thank the FCH Board of Directors for this life changing Prescription Drug Program. I have so many residents struggling daily with depression and anxiety because of the isolation put upon them during COVID. As we enter into round two of COVID combined with flu season, increased anxiety, insecurities, fears, depression and loneliness as days turn into longer nights, I notice an increase or change in medications. People need help with new or worsening mental health conditions that would become a greater financial burden on the fixed and struggling incomes of those in the program.

An example of the difference that this program makes for people in our community:  A resident, new to the FCH Prescription Assistance Fund program, was so grateful to learn about the Prescription drug plan because they had been struggling with treatable medical conditions and hospitalization co-pays that exhausted their savings. Their insufficient income was leaving them no choice but to either cut back on medications or on food. This program has made it possible for them not to have to choose.

Sharon Town Hall Offers FCH Prescription Assistance

FCH Rx Assistance Fund at Sharon Town Hall. Photo: Miriam Jones

The participants in this program are so humble and grateful for the generosity of others during these difficult times. This program literally saves lives and gives people hope and a life line to hang on to as we sucker the weak and unite as one during our nations troubled times. It is easier to see the brighter days ahead through the darkest clouds overhead.

Warmest Regards,
Miriam Jones
Social Service Agent & Military Representative
Sharon Town Hall
63 Main Street, PO Box 385
Sharon CT, 06069