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Medical Education Event 2019
PDF iconSexually Transmitted Infections Updates:  What You Need to Know if You Work with Patients or the Public 
FCH collaborated with the Departments of Public Health of Connecticut, Massachusetts and Dutchess County, New York to share useful data specific to national, state, regional and local conditions.

Andrew Evans, Jr., MPH
Dutchess County Department of Health

Katherine Kai-chi Hsu, MD, MPH
Massachusetts Department of Public Health

Lynn E. Sosa, MD
Connecticut Department of Public Health

2015 Medical Education Event

“Choosing Wisely®: The American Geriatrics Society’s List of Choices” - Dr.Paul Mulhausen

2011 Medical Education Event

"Making Youth Sports Safe And Enjoyable"  - Dr. Carl W. Nissen

2010 Medical Education Event

"Early Experiences with Total Parenteral Nutrition: From the Bench to the Bedside"  - Dr. Stanley John Dudrick

2009 Medical Education Event

"Genomics…Personalized Medicine: Hype or Help?"  - Dr. W. Gregory Feero

2008 Medical Education Event

"The First Four Hours: Evidence Based Approach to Obesity"  - Dr. Lisa Sanders

2006 Medical Education Event

"The New Frontier of Immunologic Based Medical Therapeutics" - Dr. Brian R. Smith

2007 Medical Education Event

"Tick Borne Diseases: Ecology/Epidemiology to Treatment" - Dr. Michael Simms

2017 Medical Education Event

"Trauma and the Brain: The Body Remembers"  - Dr. Bessel A. van der Kolk

Medical Education Event 2018

Non Healthcare Factors Impacting Male Health Disparities:  Wizdom Powell, PhD. a population health disparities research scientist, clinical psychologist, and program evaluation specialist. Director, Health Disparities Institute, University of Connecticut (Health) (August 2017-Present)