Strategic Grantmaking

The Foundation for Community Health’s (FCH) Strategic Grantmaking is informed by the foundation’s strategic framework

Our strategic grantmaking is focused on supporting organizations, networks, coalitions, municipalities, and other local decision-makers, such as school districts through the following focus areas: 

  • Strengthening the social sector’s resiliency through capacity-building support, leadership development, and bolstering collaborative efforts of networks and coalitions.
  • Improving community assets by leveraging existing community assets, such as schools and libraries, in a way that fosters more of the conditions required for health or through the creation of new infrastructure, with a particular focus on affordable housing, broadband, and food (access and distribution).
  • Support local decision-making by strengthening engagement between decision-makers and those most impacted by policy decisions and by funding planning, pilot, and demonstration projects of our region’s municipalities and municipal serving organizations.

Those interested in learning more about funding opportunities in these areas should contact Natashea Winters FCH’s senior programs and evaluation officer. Email or schedule a meeting on Natashea’s calendar.

All grant requests must be submitted through the Foundation for Community Health’s online grantee portal