Past Grants


Membership support

Establishes a "bank" of funds/expertise for eligible FCH grantees to draw upon for critical risk and crisis communication services including email marketing, social media marketing, advertising and content development.

Funding supports Health Pathfinder Community Assister program that works one on one with residents to enroll in affordable health insurance.  Additionally, they advocate for residents with medications, Medicare, Medicaid and billing issues.

Matching funding to secure a Rehabilitation Counselor position to increase access to mental health services in Northwest, CT during increased need from the COVID-19 emergency.

Located and purchased fabric for making masks and isolation gowns for healthcare providers, including Sharon Hospital, Sharon Health Care Center and Geer Nursing & Rehabilitation, as well as N95 masks for local EMS Institute to distribute among town EMS squads.

Support for the tenants of the Sharon Ridge complex during a time of job loss and wage reduction due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Support of the New Front Line Program for healthcare workers covers costs for staffing and horse expenses.

Robinhood Radio COVID-19 Impact Assistance:  FREE underwriting announcements to its business underwriters in the Tri-State Region and is NOt charging them for the duration of business that is negatively impacted by COVID-19. This will cost us in revenue about $20,000 over two months.


Funding for Kinship Circles of Support which is a resource to Latino women in northeast Dutchess County by providing information and activities to promote improved physical and emotional health, assimilation into the community, and knowledge of factual and current immigrant policies.

Mission Support to improve access to healthcare and supports health and well-being of a rural community.


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