Past Grants


Equipment Purchase:  Support of school-based dental services for Region 1 School District in CT through the purchase of a new mobile dental cart.

Children's Mental Health Initiative:  Support of early identification and intervention regarding children’s’ mental health concerns through presentations in local school districts.

Capacity Building:  To provide support for technical assistance with grantwriting and general operating. 

To fund the FCH Pharmaceutical Assistance Fund.

Annual Contribution:  To support their work and to maintain access to the latest information on the New York grantmaking community.

Community Assister Program:  To educate and assist individuals in applying for health insurance on the two state-based exchanges (Access Health CT & New York State of Health) all year long.

Protocol Creation for Rx Assistance Fund Program:  To support the creation of a protocol for Social Services personnel to assist clients in obtaining discounted or free medication, as well as provide them with additional ongoing support.

Recommendations for a Framework of Cost Containment Models in Connecticut:  To support the research and implementation necessary to achieve a sustainable framework for cost containment models that achieve a high-performing value-based healthcare system in Conn

Promoting Healthy Relationships: To provide domestic violence and sexual assault prevention education in Region 1 schools, Goshen and Warren, CT.

Promoting Healthy Relationships in CT Region 1 Schools Grades K-12 and Violence Prevention Education Program in Eastern Corridor of Dutchess County, NY:  To develop, conduct and evaluate prevention education strategies promoting healthy relationships among st


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