Our Focus

It takes many strategies to address the living conditions affecting health, well-being, and equity. At the Foundation for Community Health (FCH), we aim to use our resources strategically and equitably, allocating more of our resources towards parts of our community that have the most need. 

Our grantmaking can look like a variety of things: a grant to a social service organization to complete a strategic planning process, funding a network’s efforts to communicate about an issue impacting the community, partnering with a school district to revise or create new wellness policies, or supporting our municipalities and other local policymakers’ ability to engage in participatory processes. 

We approach our relationships with grantee partners from a place of trust, rather than suspicion. We are committed to practicing a new form of philanthropy, one that is grounded in our values and the collective wisdom of our community and partners. This means breaking from the traditional power dynamic between funders and grantees by streamlining the application and reporting processes, being more transparent about our decisions and learning, and soliciting and acting upon feedback. In short, we want to be a true partner, so organizations can focus on their mission and community needs.  

FCH Grantmaking can be categorized into three types:

Our Strategic and Opportunistic grantmaking have funding opportunities by invitation and through Request for Proposal processes. We accept Opportunistic Grants on a rolling basis. Our strategic grantmaking is primarily done through Request for Proposal processes, with varying deadlines throughout each year. FCH’s Restricted Grantmaking represents the foundation’s grantmaking from restricted funds of the foundation. There are limited responsive grant opportunities through FCH’s Restricted Grantmaking, namely through FCH’s Medical Education Fund.

All grant requests must be submitted through the Foundation for Community Health’s online grantee portal.